Beginners’ Kettlebell Basics: Right Size and Proper Handling

Table of Contents:

Quick Tips for Kettlebell Beginners

Before you begin your journey in kettlebell workout it is very important to get an OK from your doctor.
To avoid injury it is very important to have a trainer or follow a kettlebell workout dvd program.

Beginner’s Help: What Size Kettlebell is Right For You?

You want to start the workout but you’re wondering about the kettlebell size and also how to hold a kettlebell.

Watch the video and learn what size of kettlebell is right for you…

What is the Appropriate Size of a Kettlebell for You

I have been following the Kettleworx DVD program and here is their recommendation with regards to the kettlebell size:

A) Individuals not currently active in physical fitness begin with a 5-lb kettlebell.
Later advancing:

  • most women later advancing to a 10-lb kettlebell
  • most men later advancing to a 10 and then a 20-lb kettlebell

B) Individuals currently active and physically fit:

  • may elect to begin with a 10 or 20 lb kettlebell

It is often recommended by other trainers to use a heavier kettlebell. But the key to achieving the best results is not because of the kettlebell weight but it’s the training program that you are using — according to Ryan Shanahan (Kettleworx creator.)

The Kettleworx plan is ideal because the kettlebell exercises and plus — the easy to prepare fat-free nutritional meal plans — are specially designed to deliver best results for your fitness and health goals and fast results for fat loss.

How to Hold a Kettlebell Properly

Accident can happen so be very extra careful as you exercise with kettlebells. Make sure no one — including kids and pets — around you nearby.

According to the ABCNews: Have You Tried Kettlebells?

“Swinging of a weight is considered a ballistic exercise, traditionally deemed unsafe,” …
Ballistic exercises are considered more dangerous to athletes because they carry a higher risk of stretching joints and muscles beyond their normal range of motion, if performed improperly.

From the video below you will learn how to hold the kettlebell properly to avoid injury — a very helpful tip for the beginners before starting a kettlebell workout.