Kettle Worx Program (DVD): 20 Minutes – 3 x a Week

Ryan Shanahan of Kettle Worx workout program joins with the WLS Chicago news team and other tv networks to show how exactly kettlebell works.

He also explains what’s the difference being in a good program, like nutritional and lifting weights vs. kettlebells.

Watch the videos on this page and learn why kettlebells are preferable to use than dumbbells or exercise machines.

Whether you workout in a gym or at home — it takes hours each week and. . . . who has that kind of time!

I understand you are skeptical about this. I was skeptical too until I read the American Council of Fitness (ACE) document.

According to ACE Fitness that the volunteers of their study were “burning 20 calories per minute.”

You can read it here: ACE Fitness Study on Kettlebell Trend.

With each Kettle Worx exercise you’re getting a resistance, core and cardio workout all-in-one . . . . so you’re working all 400 muscles at once and that’s why Kettleworx delivers fast results.

By combining a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session, KettleWorx delivers three times the benefit in one-third the time.

Just 20 minutes, three times a week delivers a whole body workout – for whole body fitness in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of any other program.

I’ve learned many interesting informations on kettlebell workouts from the kettlebell videos below.

Ryan Shanahan has valuable tips for you and your family fitness program.

Most fitness equipments target only one muscle in your body when you workout. That’s why in the gym you find a lot of fitness equipments because each equipment has different function — targeting only one muscle of your body.

A study in University of Minnesota shows that you have to run 7 miles in order to burn the same amount of calories in one kettlebell workout.

Several recent studies have shown that short, intense workouts are actually more beneficial than longer, lower intensity workouts. That’s especially true for cardiovascular health. It’s also true for weight loss, as intense workouts raise your body’s metabolic rate, so you’re constantly burning more calories – 24 hours per day! That, plus Kettleworx healthy eating plan, makes KettleWorx one of the most effective programs available for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Kettleworx is the creation of Ryan Shanahan, a fitness consultant and trainer for professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Ryan regularly works with superstars. Because these megastars demand immediate results Ryan developed the world’s fastest, most efficient workout possible – Kettleworx!

Kettle Worx program can be used by anyone to achieve a lean and fit body. In kettlebell workout you don’t need any machine. Each Kettleworx workout works every muscle in your body — making your body a machine. Watch the video to find out what it means “your body is a machine.”

If you take a look at a swimmers’ bodies – they have very long, lean muscles, low body fat and great definition. The swimmers don’t use machines to get that kind of body. Their own body becomes a machine, and they are getting a resistance workout, a core workout and a fat burning workout every time they swim, just like Kettle Worx.

Most Americans don’t have structured fitness program. That’s why kettlebell Kettleworx works because Ryan’s DVDs will give you exactly what to do, and when to do it. I’t’s only 20 minutes, 3x a week — it’s structured. It’s like you have a personal trainer at home, and it shows you exactly what to do. And any fitness level can do it.

Ryan combines cardio workout, core workout and resistance workout — all on in one 20-minute workout — which basically you get 3 times the result in 1/3 of a time.

Estella Kettleworx program before and after
“I’m happier, have more energy and
feel more confident since doing the
KettleWorx Six Week Program.”

KettleWorx starts with the “Six Week Body Transformation” – an easy, step-by-step program that guides you through six weeks of personal training.

Kettle Worx also includes:

  • The Ultimate Body Sculpting Collection – on 4 DVDs:
    1. Intro
    2. Cardio
    3. Core
    4. Resistance
  • Fast Abs – 1 DVD
  • Fast Fat Burn – 1 DVD
  • Fat Free in 42 – a 6 week healthy eating guide (e-Book format)


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