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KettleworX 8-Week Rapid Evolution: Demo Moves

Table of Contents:

Watch the demo videos and learn the Kettleworx 8-Week Rapid Evolution various movements: Swing, Windmill, Lunges, Bicep curl, Arabesque, Goblet Squat, and more…

KettleWorX Moves: Swing

KettleWorX Moves: Figure 8 & Hold

KettleWorX Moves: Arabesque

As we age we begin to lose our balance, don’t show your age – use the arabesque to challenge your deep abdominals and improve your balance

KettleWorX Moves: Bicep Curl with Bottom Up

The shape of a kettlebell works to make this bicep variation more challenging than a traditional barbell curl

KettleWorX Moves: Lunge

KettleWorX Moves: Alternating Lunge with a Twist

Use this move to challenge your balance and core muscles making you functionally stronger.

KettleWorX Moves: Backward Stepping Lunge

Aim to keep your front knee over the middle of the shoe and drop your back knee toward the floor directly under the hip. Great way to strength the legs

KettleWorX Moves: Goblet Squat

This is an excellent compound joint movement

KettleWorX Moves: Squat w/Hammercurl + Overhead Press

KettleWorX Moves: Windmill

KettleWorX Moves: Renedage Row