Kettlebell Workouts for Women

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Kettlebells aren’t just exercise tools for athletes and soldiers. They can also be the perfect tools for ordinary individuals. Today, more and more females are discovering that kettlebell workouts for women can work for them too.

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There are many good reasons why kettlebell exercises for women are great. First of all, nothing else, other than kettlebells, is necessary for a complete workout. This means you don’t have to buy expensive equipment or to travel to a gym for a workout. With two kettlebells and some floor space at home, you can have effective 15 to 20 minute sessions 3 to 5 days a week. This is good news for women and mothers who have work, kids and lot of other things to juggle on their hands.

Women’s kettlebell workouts are also a good idea because they tone and condition all the muscles of the body. Because weight is not evenly distributed in a kettlebell like that in a dumbbell, every muscle must work to manage a swing or movement. This is an ideal solution for uniquely female concerns such as sagging arms, large hips, jiggly abdomen and fatty buttocks.

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Some exercises performed by men can also be done by women. Quite a few routines however are especially recommended for women.

1. Deadlift

Put a kettlebell in front of you and stand with your feet as far apart as your shoulder width. Keep your toes pointed outward. Bend your knees and grab the handle with both hands while keeping your back diagonally straight and flat. Push up with your legs and feet keeping your arms still on a straight downward position until you are in a standing position. This exercise works on the abdominal muscles and the legs.

2. Box Squat

Kettlebell workouts for women for the legs and hips often include this particular exercise. Begin by putting a chair behind you and positioning yourself one foot away from it. Stand with your feet apart and lift a kettlebell up to your chest level. Move down into a sitting position using your lower back and buttocks. Move back up by pushing on the chair with your butt. This is the perfect workout for your hips and legs.

3. Snatch Pull

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and your kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Bend your knees slightly and grab the handle from the top. Lift it up to chest level keeping your elbows bent. Slide your hands to the sides of the handles and lift up over your head. Perform the reverse steps of the exercise to return to starting position. This exercise works on the entire body’s muscles.

Before you perform any of these routines, make sure you have a wide clear area for exercise. Kettlebell workouts for women are also best performed with light weights. Make sure you master the form of each exercise first before moving on to another. If you lose form in the course of a workout, take a break to help your muscles recover first.

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