Kettlebell Workout Routines

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There is so much that you can gain from kettlebell workout routines. The right kettlebell exercises incorporate muscle strengthening, aerobic and flexibility training elements.

Some Kettlebell Workout Routines to Try

Here are only some of the routines you might want to consider trying:

Clean and Press

This exercise begins with the rack position. This start up position is achieved by first lifting a kettlebell onto the top chest level with the thumb inward towards the chest and a little to one shoulder. Legs should be spread farther apart than the entire shoulder length. From this position, move your wrist down until the thumb points down and swing the kettlebell over your head to one side and then down between your legs with knees bent slightly. From here, move back up to the rack position until the number of repetitions is completed.


Some workout routines can use two kettlebells instead of one. The windmill exercise is one type that can use two. This simple exercise involves moving one arm straight up one side over your head with a kettlebell. With the other hand, grasp the second kettlebell positioned between your feet and lift until your body straightens up. Bend from your waist and keep legs straight. Feet and legs should be spread apart. Repeat the routine interchanging arms. Some experts recommend keeping your eyes focused on the kettlebell overhead.

One variation of windmills involves no second kettlebell. With one ball up overhead, simply bend or reach down with your free hand all the way to the ground or up to the level you are able to. Move back up and repeat.


A number of kettlebell routines work on core instead of upper or lower muscles. The slingshot is a good example of a core exercise.

Like other routines, this routine begins with the feet apart but in line with the hips. From here, knees are bent a little. Grasp the kettlebell with two hands and position in front. Contract stomach muscles and move both hands behind you with one still grasping the kettlebell. Transfer the kettlebell to the other hand and move back to the arms forward position. Repeat kettlebell hand transfers and change directions.


Some kettlebell routines seem simple but can be considered intermediate. The snatch is one of these exercises.

The routine begins with feet far apart farther than shoulder width and feet pointed outward. From a standing position, squat into a sitting position with the back from the waist up straight. Grasp the ball between your legs with one hand and lift it up using the muscles in your legs. As you straighten your legs up, move your arm with the kettlebell up and over your head. Move the ball back down and repeat. Once done with the repetitions in one arm, begin with the other arm.

These are only some kettlebell workout routines. There are many more that you might consider using to add variety to your workout regimen. Remember though to always check the level of difficulty of a particular exercise. Never perform advanced routines if you are still a beginner.

Helpful Printable Kettlebell Workout: Skate Lunges & Plank Rows

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Printable Kettlebell workout skate lunges and plank rows