Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

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Not everyone has heard about kettlebell exercise programs.

Those who are already using these however attest to the complete fitness benefits they have reaped.

If you are convinced that you might benefit from them too, you would do well to consider performing kettlebell workouts for beginners.

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There are various exercises available. Some of them help develop all the body’s muscles in general. Others may focus on specific muscle groups found on the upper, lower and central portions of the body. Despite the differences in exercise purpose and execution however, beginners’ exercises work under similar principles.

Kettlebell workouts for beginners are often simple and are not too intensive. This is because these exercises are primarily intended to help trainees develop proper form and become familiar with kettlebells. Because they are simple and are performed gradually, start up exercises reduce the likelihood of beginner injury.

Here are Some Beginner Exercises You Can Try:


These are performed in much the same way as regular pushups. The only difference is that your hands aren’t flat on the ground. You instead have to grasp two kettlebells placed firmly on the ground. Knuckles should face outward and the back and legs should follow a straight diagonal line. Simply move your body down and then push up. This exercise works primarily on the upper body but it also helps improve range of motion. Although it may seem simple enough, it may actually be more difficult than regular pushups because the body is always held farther off the ground.


These kettlebell workouts for beginners work on the core or abdominal muscles. To begin, sit on the ground and assume the lower body position for sit-ups. Keep your knees slightly bent, feet flat on the floor and back slanted slightly backward. With both hands, grasp the kettlebell located on one side of your hip and transfer it to the other side. Repeat according to the number of recommended repetitions. Aside from working on your core, twists also help build up your shoulders and arm muscles.


Despite appearances, this particular exercise is intended more for the lower than the upper body. Begin by assuming a stance wider than your shoulder length. Keep feet pointed slightly outward. Bend your knees forward and grasp the kettlebell with both hands. Swing them to the back of your legs and then forward to chest level while at the same time straightening your legs. Do not lift with your wrists and arms but let the ball move instead by using the force of your lower body.

Kettlebell workouts for beginners are best performed with light weights to avoid injury. Beginners may also consult expert trainers for the formulation of safe, appropriate and effective programs. Trainers can also help determine when and how training intensity can be increased for beginners nearing the intermediate level.

Some people find kettlebell workouts for beginners too plain and simple. You should however resist the urge to take on more complicated and rigorous exercises before you are ready. Remember that even slight injury can cut down swift fitness progress even more than simple workouts.

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