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Kettlebell Workout Videos for Women

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Here are very helpful kettlebell workout videos for women that you can watch.

Women’s Kettlebell Workout Training and Exercises Videos

In this video, certified Kettlebell instructor Mike Pellegrini shows us why women should be training with kettlebells and demonstrates what exercises can be beneficial for women’s health and excellent for burning more fat.

Mike explains that strength training increases your lean muscle tissue on your body which increases and elevates your resting metabolic rate. This simply means that when you are doing nothing when you are at rest, your body’s ability to burn calories from fat is increased because you have more lean muscle tissue on your body.

Here’s an example of a ciruit style training with kettlebells that works not only your aerobic system but your strength endurance and your power endurance.

Beginner Kettlebell Exercises for Women

Kettlebell training for women – Basic kettlebell drills performed by Australian Kettlebells team. The kettlebell exercise demo is great for women who are beginners.

Helpful Resource: Free Kettlebell Workout Printable

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free printable kettlebell workouts one arm swings and turkish getup